About this project

The purpose of the GRE-Taste project is twofold: (a) creation of a platform for the promotion of gastronomic tourism as a holistic travel experience with the use of cutting-edge technologies and the cooperation of agri-food / catering / culture companies (b) scientific recording of the complex Greek cultural stock concerns food.

The GRE-Taste project aims at an innovative rearrangement of the tourism applications landscape by adopting a thematic design of the tourism experience. Develops a theme / place-central planning system for a tourist visit and a trilingual (Greek, English, Russian) innovative tourist guide with which the visitor first starts from what he wants to do, where and what he wants to eat and drink and based on these can arrange the places he can visit, planning his visit primarily thematically. The GRE-Taste project approach is in contrast to traditional guides where the visitor determines his / her activities based on the availability of activities in a default area. The application is based on state-of-the-art technologies, namely the creation of standard cultural resources, the machine translation of menus and the visual recognition of dishes.