Athena Research Center

The Institute of Speech Processing (IEL / EK “Athena”) is a research institute operating under the auspices of the General Secretariat for Research and Technology of the Ministry of Education and Religions. It belongs to the Research Center for Innovation in Information Technologies, Communications and Knowledge “Athena” as one of its Institutes. The mission of IEL is the development and promotion of Language and Cultural Technology in Greece. Its constant goal is to be a center of excellence in basic and applied research in the above scientific areas. IEL / EK “Athena” operates in Athens and Xanthi. From March 2012 (law 4051/2012) the Institute of Cultural and Educational Technology (IPET) was merged with IEL.

Technological Educational Institute of Central Macedonia

The TEI Of Central Macedonia based in Serres (renamed TEI of Serres according to the Government Gazette 136 / A ‘/ 5.6.2013) is a new, dynamic and rapidly developing Institution, with two Schools, eight Departments and more than 14,000 students .

Responding to modern requirements for providing high quality education and encouraging applied and technological research, it promotes its staffing with scientifically renowned Professors and cooperation with educational and research institutions in Greece and abroad. It also promotes the connection of education with production and the labor market, the training of graduates and the creation of independent postgraduate departments or in partnership with Universities.
The TEI Central Macedonia through continuous planning and dynamic effort managed to become one of the most popular Higher Education Institutions and to gain recognition in the consciousness of the candidates, the student youth and the Greek society.

Optimum Informatics

The company Optimum Informatics has been active since 1998 in the field of informatics and specifically in the field of study, development, training and support of software applications (software) and more broadly in the field of providing computerization services to small, medium and large companies as well as its organizations. private and public sector.

It has also developed a department of manufacturing and marketing of computers and peripherals as well as a department of services for support, installation and maintenance of networks.
Our mission is to offer high quality services that meet the needs of the modern market and our partners

Kerkini farm

Kerkini farm, the family farm of Vassilis Papadopoulos was created in 1999 and operates as the only vertical unit for breeding & processing of buffalo meat in Greece.
Its facilities are located next to Lake Kerkini in the prefecture of Serres, a protected wetland, by the Ramsar International Convention, an ideal environment for buffalo habitat. Their breeding, in an environment with such a rich and aromatic fauna, gives their meat a special and special taste.

All buffaloes have an individual identification card and are certified by the Ministry of Rural Development. Kerkini farm, applies all the provisions of the Greek legislation for its products which are controlled by EFET (code GRA 340 and GR IMP 308) and have a HACCP health control system. In its modern laboratory, it fully controls the quality of its products available to consumers, applying all the requirements of the global food safety and quality standard ISO 22000: 2005.

Kerkini farm, won in its 1st participation in the Panhellenic Exhibition of meat products Meat days 2013, 7 quality awards. With respect for the natural environment, with devotion to tradition, but also with the main criterion the modern trends for proper and balanced nutrition, he creates and brings to the family table, the most delicious buffalo meat products, which is distinguished for its rich nutritional value.

Confectionary Paparaskevas

The Papaparaskeva patisserie was founded in 1926. Since then the workshop was located in the same area, behind the store and later moved to the upper floor of the building. Today the

laboratory has been transferred to newly built facilities in Petrochori Xanthi in an area of ​​5 acres with building facilities of 1200 sqm and modern mechanical equipment that follows the standards of the European Union and employs 23 people. The layout of the new premises and the supply of mechanical equipment were planned so as to be able to increase capacity, reduce production costs, increase productivity and protect the environment. The laboratory operates 4 production lines, treats, syrups, pastries and crackers.

Today, the new generation, in the newly built facilities which are really a special gem for the area, continues to make high quality sweets, maintaining the same preparation methods with the same pure ingredients, and insists on making carioca in exactly the same way. Facing the bulky machines and walking into the vast space of the new unit, which has nothing to do with the old, cramped workshop above the patisserie, you think the production is industrialized and the processes standardized. And yet, the taste remains fresh and homemade. The fact that some stages of production have been modernized does not mean that the quality has been affected. On the contrary, the machines help us to have stability in the taste of the products. In the context of the production of products of high quality standards, modern methods of product assurance and certification are applied, observing all European and National directives (ISO 22000: 2005).
Since 2013, the patisserie has been expanding by opening a new store in Athens. The new branch is located in the center of Glyfada and aims to transfer the special flavors of our sweets to the capital.

Ktima Vivlia Chora

Ktima Biblia Chora is located on the barren slopes of Mount Paggaio, at an altitude of 350m, outside the village of Kokkinochori in the Prefecture of Kavala. It was born from the collaboration of two experts in the field of wine, Vassilis Tsaktsarlis and Vangelis Gerovassiliou, who combined their wine concerns and combined their experiences in the production of high quality wines, creating a model organic vineyard of 380 acres. The long viticultural tradition of the area has its roots in ancient times. Theoktitos and Michael Psellos referred to the area as “Books Country”.

The varieties Assyrtiko, Sauvignon Blanc, Semillon, Chardonnay, Vidiano, Syrah, Agiorgitiko, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Pinot Noir are cultivated in the vineyard of the Estate. All the above varieties are cultivated in terms of organic farming, with special respect for the environment, the fauna of the area, but also the people involved, while all viticultural work (leafing, harvesting) is done in the traditional way without the use of special technological means .

The modern winery with an area of ​​6,000 sq.m., is located in the middle of the vineyard and includes production, bottling and aging of wine in oak barrels, reception, tasting, multipurpose and hospitality areas.
Today, Ktima Books Chora produces 10 wines of Protected Geographical Indication Paggaio, (Ktima Books Chora Lefkos, Ktima Books Chora Rose, Ktima Books Chora Erythros, Plagios Lefkos, Plagios Erythros, Levilos Arivos, Erivos White, Eosi and 2 Varietal wines (Sole Vidiano, Sole Pinot Noir).
Its philosophy focuses on the production of vintage wines, which bear the stamp of the ecosystem of Paggaio and express its uniqueness. To achieve this goal, the cultivation in the vineyard and the vinification are done with special care, utilizing the knowledge and experience and combining the tradition with the technology.
Ktima Books Chora has a total of 47 employees: 30 workers, 5 employees – technical staff, 1 oenologist, 1 chemist, 2 agronomists, 1 accountant and 7 office workers.