What the project of Gre-taste is about

The object of the Gre-taste project is the development of a digital platform for a holistic approach to gastronomic tourism using state-of-the-art technologies, utilization of state-of-the-art technology and the cooperation of agri-food, catering and culture companies: pilot application in K. & amp; A. Macedonia and Thrace – the scientific record of the complex Greek cultural stock for food (food, sweets, wine)

The picture in tourism: International studies [1] show a shift to non-mass tourism (Greece accepts a lot of mass tourism [2]). The Minister of Tourism sets thematic tourism as a priority (1st Greek Travel Show, 5/2017). European infrastructure is being developed, e.g. Europeana Food and Drink, linking food to culture [3]. These reflect the fact that for the travelers of 2020, the prefabricated experiences are not enough, but they look for the tastes, the cultural themes, the places, the stories that connect these elements with each other. Therefore, in order to maintain / expand the tourism market, travelers and local businesses in agri-food / catering / culture must be able to act on their own: a necessary tool is the scientifically and technologically adequate promotion of gastronomy and culture.

GRE-Taste will undertake this project as a pilot project for the K. & A. Macedonia and Thrace: according to the intervention pillar “enlargement and consolidation of the emerging sectors of the regional economy” of RIS3 of the specific regions, gastronomic tourism is a priority (Special forms of tourism).

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