The aims of the project GRE-taste

The goals set by the Gre-taste project are the following:

The development of a multilingual / -medical system of thematic / local-central planning of tourist visit and promotion of agri-food / catering / culture companies with:
information on the nutritional characteristics, the way of preparation, the materials, the disposal points, the relation of the food with the culture and the life of each place
machine translation services from restaurant catalogs
automatic dish recognition services
evaluation of food and services, route planning, access to social media, communication with destinations and services e) personalized multi-parametric search
Resource development with structured content for food and culture
Publicity: multimedia / -language promotion of companies with original visual material, exhibitions inside and outside Greece
The GRE-Taste emphasizes the content because the European experience [4] highlights its lack as a restraining factor for the promotion of gastronomic tourism (especially in the linguistically and culturally special Greek destinations). At the same time, it benefits from existing know-how and the implemented systems of IEL / EK. “Athena” for the promotion of cultural tourism in Thrace (Thracian Electronic Thesaurus,,, Thesaurus AMTH, http: // www., MyVisitPlanner,, iGuide,,

Research / innovation beyond the technological level:

development and organization of a standard multilingual / -medical digital resource
development of machine translation services
visual menu and dish recognition
GRE-Taste aims at a modular architecture in content and services to continuously cover more and different cases. The reference to the specific products of the proposal concerns the development of pilot systems and services.

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